Stepper wiring wrong, but the motor still turns

  • Hello,

    for a couple of months now, my stepper motors where wired in factory setting which is:

    A+ A- B+ B-

    They were turning so I did not think there were any issue.
    However when I looked at the duet wifi schematic it turns out the wiring should have been:

    A- A+ B+ B-

    I then rewired the stepper motor and it was turning just like before. How is this possible? Shouldn't the stepper stall when the wiring was in the factory setting?

  • administrators

    If you swap the wires to one phase, the motor turns in the opposite direction, that's all. Similarly if you swap the A and B pairs over.

  • @dc42 Yes thank you that makes sense, sorry that you needed to answer this trivial question.

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