Sharing GND between Filament Monitor and Z-probe SOLVED

  • I have 10 wires shielded cable going from the board to the effector with a 10 pins connector in between and I really dont want to add any more wires and change I dont have any free wires so my question is: can I share GND between the pulse filament monitor and the z-probe ?

    The z probe I am using is a classic microswitch


  • I believe not. Because false pulses.

    Correct me if i am wrong.
    The signal send a pulse to lett the board know that the switch triggers.
    When you share the other signal send a pulse then the board think that the switch is triggerd.

  • but I want to share GND not the signal, furthermore during probing the filament monitor is not working and viceversa

  • I believe all ground terminals on the Duet are connected within the pcb, but to be on the safe side (I'm a newbie to the Duet too), if you have a multimeter on hand, why not try to see if the 2 specific gnd terminals you want to use are connected to each other at the board level? If they are, I think there shouldn't be any problem with the setup you posted.

    ps forgot to ask, on a side-note, which 10-wire cable are you using? can you share a link/info?

  • GND terminals are connected together as they should 🙂
    I just want to be sure it can be done without any side effects that will be very hard ti figure out later, I will wait for David considerations.

    I gathered the 10 pole shielded cable in a electronic shop here in Italy but I dont know the brand name as is it not written on the cable, it has a quite large bending radius so its not suitable for small machine i think. Before that I was using shielded Ethernet which is only 8 pole

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    I think sharing those 2 grounds should work.

  • Great! thank you

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