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  • Can anyone help on this, this is my first duet so may be missing something. I have a p3 steel frame based printer that ive set up with a bltouch, it all works and homes fine and ive tweaked the axis setting so that the Bl touch pin comes down exactly on the centre of the bed, but when I start printing if starts way to close to the edge instead of at the centre. ive set the offset in config.g ( printer nozzle is 35mm in front of the probe) but it doesn't seem to take that in to account when the print starts. any help would be appreciated

  • Make sure that your slicer knows the dimensions of the usable area on the build place and where the origin (0, 0) is. Sounds like there's a mismatch between the slicer and the firmware.

  • Having a thought about this, during what commands is the offset used ?

  • G31 X and Y offsets affect probing. They do NOT affect the positioning of the print.

    Print positioning is mostly getting the printer and the slicer to "agree" where the origin starts. Which slicer? How is the printer defined in that slicer?

  • Thanks all, that's solved, my old marlin based printer would use the offset homing z, this doesn't so when id lined up the probe with bed centre it was 35mm out ( the offset) all adjusted now and seems fine

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