Wiring custom Z-Probe

  • Hi - Ive made a custom Z probe that uses an optical end stop on the Z. (essentially a BLTouch clone).

    How do i want to connect the optical end stop to the duet? Do i want to put it into the Probe input or the Z end stop? I have had it working at the Z end stop but it wont light up / turn on the in probe port.

    If i continue to use the Z endstop can I still probe the bed with it or will i need to switch to the probe port ?

  • On another note - my servos are acting strange. They will accept command except sometimes they just dont move until i give it a little poke?

  • administrators

    You can probe the bed with the Z probe connected to the Z endstop input, that's P7 in the M558 command AFAIR.

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