Protecting the board from heater short

  • Hi,
    every heater cartridge has 2 little wires that can brake and touch the block or the user can accidentali touch them with a tool during nozzle replacement causing a short.

    Is it possible to protect the mosfet from burning by adding a fuse ?

    With a 40W 24v heater element what fuse rating should I use ?

    Fast blow or slow ?


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    A 2A quick blow fuse would protect against fire, but would not necessarily protect the mosfet.

    However, the nozzle should not be changed while the printer is powered up.

  • The nozzle should be changed while hot as long as i know, otherwise is very hard to unscrew.

    I now we can heat the nozzle then turn off the heater and unscrew the nozzle but as you know some user may forget to turn the heater off 🙂

  • @paboman Than you not have the knowledge to change a nozzle.....

    its like the electrician in you're house, when you change a fuse.
    you know that you do something that is important

  • @mickey30m maybe...I do not know a lot of things 🙂

    till now I have always heated the nozzle in order to be able to unscrew it without breaking the heatbreak (the E3D)

    Do You change nozzle at room temp ?

  • @paboman when i need to change it.

    I do 220 C hotend and extrude some filament And then remove my filament. Then i disconnect everything and losen my nozzle while i hold my heater block.

  • cant see any difference between our heat the hotend also and I also turn off the heater after reaching the temp.

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