Volumetric extrusion not working

  • I just installed my DuetWifi (firmware 1.16) on a delta with a diamond 3color mix head and I can not get volumetric extrusion to work (I get over extrusion more then 2x). I am using 'M404 N1.75' to enable volumetric extrusion in firmware. I also tried 1.17 same results.
    Prints great if I disable volumetric extrusion in the slicer and firmware (M404 N0), using linear extrusion. No other setting changed.
    I have a single driver for extruder #3 hooked to E2 outputs.
    Is there a additional command to enable volumetric extrusion? Anybody else have this problem?

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    RepRapFirmware doesn't support volumetric extrusion. It would be easy enough to implement, but what advantage do you expect to gain from using it?

  • Not a problem, I was trying to print some previous gcode files. Thank you for your prompt response.

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    I can see the value of being able to use previous gcode files by supporting volumetric extrusion, so I'll add it to the work list. I need to work out how it interacts with colour mixing before I implement it. It also interacts with use of relative or absolute extruder coordinates.

    EDIT: it also interacts with pause/restore, and extrusion commands in the web interface and PanelDue. There's a lot to think about. Does your slicer generate the M404 command itself?

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