Xiaomi Dafang Camera

  • Hello,

    I own a (hacked) Xiaomi Dafang IP Camera, and am trying to plug it into Duet Control.
    I configured the cam to output a rtsp/MJpeg stream.

    In Duet settings, I entered the address : "local camera IP/cgi-bin/currentpic.cgi"

    A still image is displayed on print status page, but will not update it every 5 seconds as configured.
    If I enter this very same address in my browser, I also get a still image, but if I refresh the page, the image is refreshed too.

    My first question is : what is going on ? Why isn't the image refreshed ?

    Second question is : The cam is motorized. For example, I can move it right entering in my browser "local camera IP/cgi-bin/action.cgi?cmd=motor_right"

    Has anyone added these kind of controls in duet web ? How easy would it be ?

    Thanks for your replies.


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