G30 Bed Probing Compensation Points

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    Recently I have been working on bed leveling a CoreXY printer with an IR z-probe. I am running the G32 command which then runs the bed.g file. The bed.g file consists of numerous different G30 commands. The reason I am using the G32 command in order to level the bed as opposed to the G29 mesh bed leveling is because I found that our z-probe trigger height varied drastically at various points on the bed. I can change the offset of the z-probe trigger height with the H parameter of the G30 command at various points on the bed in order to compensate. The final G30 command is followed by an S parameter with the number of points that have been probed. Currently, I have been able to get this technique to work for 5 points successfully, but I would like to get it to work for more points. I have attempted to do so but I have received the error: "Error: Probe points P0 to P3 must be in clockwise order starting near X=0 Y=0 and P4 must be near the centre". This gives me the feeling that probing more than 5 points is not supported. Still, I have found wiki articles explaining that probing with up to 16 or 64 points is possible. My question is: Is probing more than 5 points for bed leveling compensation possible and I am doing something wrong or am I trying to do something that is not supported? I have included the relevant parts of the bed.g file below. Let me know if you need any more information in order to answer my question.

    This file is attempting to run a 3x3 grid bed compensation.
    bed.g file G30 commands:
    G30 P0 X 371 Y 378 Z -99999 H -0.285
    G30 P1 X 191 Y 378 Z -99999 H -0.1
    G30 P2 X 41 Y 378 Z -99999 H 0.06
    G30 P3 X 41 Y 198 Z -99999 H -0.05
    G30 P4 X 191 Y 198 Z -99999 H 0
    G30 P5 X 371 Y 198 Z -99999 H -0.34
    G30 P6 X 371 Y 30 Z -99999 H -0.285
    G30 P7 X 191 Y 30 Z -99999 H -0.187
    G30 P8 X 41 Y 30 Z -99999 H -0.06 S9



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    The maximum number of points supported by old-style G30 bed compensation is 5.

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