odd probing

  • ok i got the printer homing and heating and fanning. re did the bed.g with http://www.escher3d.com/pages/wizards/wizardbed.php and set it to 160mm and did 150mm rad for print radi same result

    heres my bed.g
    ; bed.g file for RepRapFirmware, generated by Escher3D calculator
    ; 16 points, 6 factors, probing radius: 150, probe offset (0, 0)
    G30 P0 X0.00 Y150.00 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P1 X75.00 Y129.90 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P2 X129.90 Y75.00 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P3 X150.00 Y0.00 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P4 X129.90 Y-75.00 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P5 X75.00 Y-129.90 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P6 X0.00 Y-150.00 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P7 X-75.00 Y-129.90 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P8 X-129.90 Y-75.00 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P9 X-150.00 Y-0.00 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P10 X-129.90 Y75.00 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P11 X-75.00 Y129.90 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P12 X0.00 Y75.00 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P13 X64.95 Y-37.50 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P14 X-64.95 Y-37.50 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P15 X0 Y0 Z-99999 S6


  • administrators

    Looks like you have the probing speed set too low. See the wiki page on the Smart Effector for our recommendations.

  • ok i got my z probe info
    ; Z-Probe
    M558 P5 R0.4 H5 F120 T6000 ; Set Z probe type to effector and the dive height + speeds
    G31 P100 X0 Y0 Z-0.1 ; Set Z probe trigger value, offset and trigger height
    M557 R165 S20 ; Define mesh grid

    boosting the feed to 1000 fixed the problem. the posted code is what i got from the auto config.g page i had selected the smart effector as probe type. might have words with them about upping the default probe speed. thank you for the help

    now if i could figure out why i keep disconnecting from it over the network would be supper usefull

  • administrators

    I'll have the probing speed corrected for the Smart Effector in the configurator. I now use F1200 for mine, it seems to work more reliably than F1000 when the nozzle is contaminated with filament.

    Regarding the network issue, which firmware and DWC versions are you using, and what is the RSSI reported by M122?

  • im using 1.21 on all the things. not sure about the rssi. ill check when I take the machine back to school next Wednesday
    I do know we have 3 duet wifi and we all have the same problem some times it connects and disconnects after a few seconds and some times it will stay on for a hour before disconnects. one guy brought in a router for his machine and he seemed to be fine with it staying connected.

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