Problems with WLan after emergency stop

  • Hello Fellows,

    i have a big problem and running out of ideas.

    After i hit the emergency button on my display it tries to reconnect to an older network.

    I tried to change it with the laptop via USB (YAT) using the M578 command, but it does not help,

    also i tried to change it in the gcode files on the sd card (sys/config.g , sys/config.g.bak and gcode/config.g)

    i cant change it with the display because the is no " on the keypad...

    maybe someone has an idea how to fix it without erasing the entire firmware.

    thank you


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    When the Duet WiFi boots up it does a scan for WiFi networks and attempts to connect to the strongest one it finds that it knows the password for.

    If you no longer want the Duet to connect to that "older network", you can use the M588 command to delete the details for the SSID of that network.

  • can i turn the automatic off, i use an dedicated network for my printers

    in the gcode i have:

    M587 S"AEPRINT" P"AUDIOEXCLUSIV" I192.168.10.3 J192.168.10.1 K255.255.255.0

    i want it to connect only to this one.



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    See my previous reply.

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