Change Z-probe E0 pin

  • Hi! Yet another Duet lover here!

    I've some projects involving E0, E1 and E2 endstops pins in a near future and my Z-probe is currently using E0… It's a capacitive NPN sensor and I'd like to use E3 rather than E0 for example.

    Do you know how to deal with it? I can proceed to minor firmware modification, but I'm a bit lost currently to find where I could tune this.

    Thanks a lot!


    • Duet 0.8.5
    • PanelDue 4.7
    • MakerGear II custom

  • administrators

    Why not use the Z probe connector and probe type P5 in your M558 command?

  • Good point! I tried but I realised soon after that this sensor is normally open, so I get 0V when triggered whereas "the input must be active high when triggered" in mode 5. Any chance to invert it (as mode 3 for mode 1)?

  • administrators

    In firmware 1.16 and later you can use the I1 parameter on the M558 command to invert the polarity. I have updated the wiki.

  • Thanks for the hand dc42, I didn't succeeded with P5 but I managed to get it working using P1 (inverted with I1). So I'm now using AD12 for the probe signal and the 3.3V power on the sensor port. All the best!

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