FAN issue

  • I am in the process of completely rebuilding my delta and after I got it reassembled the fans on the smart effector aren't working. I don't think it is a wiring issue as I was able to ohm it out. I measured the 12V on the fan pins of the connector and even plugged the fans into "always on" connectors but they refuse to spin. One fan (cooling) twitches every so often. The other refuses to run. Like I said I can measure 12V across the FAN, but its not spinning. Normally I would blame it on the FAN being bad but how could both be bad. It can't be mosfet because always on doesn't work either. Is there something on the smart effector that could be cracked or broken?

    I will dig into this deeper but just curious if anyone has seen this before and point me directly to the problem without me poking and sticking the duetwifi.

  • So I can add a further update, magically it started working after I let it sit off for a few hours. Turned the unit off to put things back in place and poof it doesn't work. I replaced the cooling fan and it seems to work but before we all say its the fan, the old fan is also working removed.

    To clearly show I am chasing gremlins, the cooling fan works randomly as well. Since this is the e3d fan, I am going to order a new one and see how that one does. Maybe there is a loose wire somewhere.

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    The strong magnets on the rod ends can stop fans working when the fans are close to the magnets. This isn't normally a problem with the E3D hot end fans, as long as you fit the rods with the magnetic poles in alternating order, i.e. if one rod has N at the top and S at the bottom, its two neighbours should have S at the top and N at the bottom.

  • @dc42 Wow! That's messed up. I would never have guessed nor figured that out. Makes sense and sure enough I had like poles at the top of the smart effector right near each other. Switched it around and poof it works. Thanks for the help!

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