Homing issue when transfering to Duet Wifi from 0.8.5

  • I'm in the process of swapping from a 0.8.5 board to Duet WiFi on my Ormerod 2.
    As far as I can tell it should be a straight swap between the two boards and I've got everything working apart from I can't get the machine to home properly now.
    The Y axis is fine as that's just a microswitch but I am having trouble with the X axis. It is using the standard Z probe that came with the machine and using that to home the x axis as well as the Z.
    I see changes in the Z probe value when it gets close to an object so as far as I can tell it is working correctly but it doesn't want to trigger. When trying to home the X axis the head just wants to keep going and runs into the Z upright.

    I'm using the standard files as supplied on the SD card and have swapped values that I was using on the 0.8.5 card (except I've probably missed something). Firmware version is 0.19 attached are my config and homeall files:



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    See the upgrade notes at https://github.com/dc42/RepRapFirmware/blob/v2-dev/WHATS_NEW.md
    for all the firmware versions you skipped. In particular this bit in the upgrade notes for version 1.20:

    If you are using a Duet to control a RepRapPro Ormerod, Huxley Duo or Mendel 3 printer or any other printer that uses the Z probe to do X homing, you need to add line M574 X1 S2 to config.g.

  • My bad, thanks a million

  • After updating Firmware to 1.21 and tweaking a few settings it now works fine. Thanks again

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