Updated Panel Due v2, now the screen will not come on

  • I have the panel due v2 with a 7" screen. Not the 7i. It was on version 1.16 and I wanted to update it to 1.20. I followed the instructions and I pushed the erase button for 1 second and then pressed the reset button. The screen went off. I then used Bossa 1.8 to upload the 1.20 bin file and Bossa reported success. I then pressed reset and nothing happens except that the panel due disconnects and reconnects to the pc. The screen does not come on. How do I fix this?

  • Problem has been solved. The problem was me. I did not have 3 check boxes checked in Bossa 1.8 that needed to be checked. I went back and re-read the instructions on DC42's blog and fixed my error. My PanelDue is now updated.

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