Dual Y axis and rotary A axis

  • While trying to add a rotary A axis to my WorkBee, any the following command for assigning drivers renders the controller unusable:

    • list item M584 X0 Y1:3 Z2 U9 A4 E5:6 P3
    • list item M584 X0 Y1:3 Z2 A4 U9 E5:6 P3

    The error is also reflected in the DWC, as mentioned here - https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/5501/dwc-1-21-1-dual-y-axis-and-4th-rotary-axis.

    The U axis was used for aligning the gantry during the homing sequence. The only solution for now was to change to W for aligning the gantry and using U as a simulated rotary axis. Is there any proper alternative to this situation?

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    Please explain what you mean by "renders the controller unusable". Is it just DWC that won't work, or something else?

    I note that you have used P3 in the M584 command, which will hide both the A axis and the U axis. I understand that you will want to hide the U axis except during homing, but did you really mean to hide the A axis too?

  • Initially I had P4 in the command and DWC kept crashing. For a test, I have added just the A4 to the M584 command to see how it goes. Again DWC crashed, even if the extra axis were hidden. So, based on that, I think the DWC is making the controller unusable in this scenario. For all other issues, consider the other related thread.

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