IR probe not triggering at 500

  • Hi all, has anyone else had issues with their IR z probe not triggering at 500 as per the documentation at this link? mine seems to trigger right at 420. Right before the light comes on the number is 408 and right after the light comes on, the number is 439. Is this an issue? Will I see accuracy issues because of this? After i set the trigger value to 420 in the firm ware, it seems to work, but I seem to be having to micro step up or down with each print to get it to stick. I'm using mesh grid compensation.

    I'm wondering if the minor variations in z height are because of the probe not having a repeatable trigger offset. Bed surface is blue tape over a MIC 6 aluminum bed. Thanks for your suggestions.


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    The values should be close to 465 and 535. If you are getting 408 and 439 then I suspect that you have a poor connection between the +3.3V pin of the Z probe connector and the Vcc pin of the sensor.

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