DWC shows 100% complete with layers left and still printing

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    So this is my first time with a Duet board and just wondering if this is correct. Every print finishes on the web interface with layers left to print, and it shows 100% even though it continues printing for about a minute and a half more( figured this is just the Buffer). It seems that the print completes, but i have had some issues with the last few layers stringing.

    I have RC2v6 and web interface 1.2.1 and am using Cura 3.3.1 for slicing, and have verified that the number of layers shown in Cura matches the number shown in the web interface.


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    The layer count can be a little ahead of actual because the Duet buffers up to 30 moves in the movement queue. However, it shouldn't normally be more than a few seconds ahead, not a minute and a half.

    Do you use Z hop on travel moves, and if so, how much? I'm wondering whether Z hop is causing the print monitor to think it's on a higher layer than it really is.

  • I did have zhop on for one print and off for another and both showed the same. Its weird since it seems to print but it never shows all the layers complete even after it stops.

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    What I think may be happening is that the filament usage comment generated by Cura is slightly below the actual value. RepRapFirmware uses that value along with the actual filament consumption to calculate the % complete, because it is usually the most accurate of the three estimates calculated.

    Did you configure Cura to use absolute or relative extruder coordinates?

  • I Have tried both, for testing something else with my extruder. The filament always shows 100% so if thats something to go by for now thats fine. Do you recommend another version of cura or another slicer then.

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