M37 calculating print time of current file while heating up

  • I couldn't see any way of doing this automatically but is there any way i could extract the filename of the current file in order to feed it into the m37 command so that i can engage the heaters, and while waiting for that to heat up, simulate the current file and then return to the file after it has been simulated to complete the rest of the print? I love the simulation feature but it would be so much better if it could be fully automated into the start gcode. Sorry if there's something i've missed but i've looked around for quite some time and i cant find anything that would be able to do what i want but hey, maybe i'm just looking in the wrong place.


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    I would like this feature as well. My current work around is to set the bed temp and then upload and simulate the file. Then when it's done hit print another in the DWC. But it would be nice to get a more automated way of going about it.

    Recently I've also found that with some tuning I can get fairly accurate print times from Cura and Slic3r PE, so I've stopped simulating entirely. It was difficult to keep track of the simulation time anyway since it does stay persistent anywhere for long.

    I believe this is all changing with the new 2.0 firmware as the simulation time will be appended to the gcode file and displayed in gcode file list. It will also take the estimated print time from the slicer comment left by cura or slic3r.

    But it would be nice to have the option to simulate while heating and then immediately print.

  • Think I saw somewhere that one of the objectives for 2.0 was background simulation of uploaded gcode files.

    I can confirm the time is appended to the end of the gcode file after simulation.

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