Wifi connection weak once printer is closed.

  • Hi there,
    I just built a printer with my 1st duet and everything was fine until I closed the printer... Wifi now is super weak and the connection with the server can't keep up more than a minute.

    I really can't believe Duet's wifi antena is so limited, should we put the Duet outside the printer for it to work, it just doesn't make sense.

    Any tips? I already checked the troubleshooting for that...


  • Well wifi issues are very specific to you wifi equipment and topology.

    For my part (I've got a delta) I've put the duet on the top of my printer, the only enclosure is my duet box I've printed, and I've 'ever had any wifi problem.

    There're witchcraft posts on the forum about substitute the antenna by a deported one, should do a search if it's what you're aiming for.

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    By "closed", I presume you mean that you have encased the printer in a metal case, or in a case made from some other material that 2.4GHz radio waves won't penetrate.

    From the Mounting and Cooling instructoins at https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Mounting_and_cooling_the_board:

    The Duet WiFi has a built-in antenna. (It is unclear whether the board could be FCC certified if it had a connector for an outboard antenna.) This antenna cannot work from inside a metal box; it must protrude from an opening. Covering it with plastic should pose no problem. Exactly how much the antenna needs to protrude and/or be visible depends on the quality of your WiFi at the printer location.

    The WiFi module is mounted deliberately at the edge of the Duet with the antenna protruding, so that you can have it protrude through a slot in your enclosure.

  • Thank you both.

    Yes by closed I mean encased in a structure of aluminum profiles and acrylic sheets.
    I will move the board to a peripherical area.


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