Slicer/firmware retracts

  • I am using KISSlicer to do cover my slicing needs at the moment. I am thinking about whether it would useful to start using firmware retractions (G10/11). I'd love to hear the pro's and cons of using firmware retraction. The main advantage I can think of is becoming more slicer independent and cleaning up the gcode files as all retraction related moves would be changed to a simple G10 and G11.

    Also, would it be correct to include a material specific M207 command (specifying the retraction settings) in the material G-code tab of KISSlicer and a default M207 command in my config.g file. Or this is overwriting frowned upon?

    Should it be useful info: I am using a delta printer with bondtech BMG, so quite close to a direct extruder.

  • @nxt-1

    I use firmware retraction all the time because I use a mixing hot end, and for that it is necessary to retract all filaments simultaneously. Firmware retraction (G10) always me to do that whereas normal G1 Ennn moves don't.

    Other than that and in answer to your second question, the main advantage is that you can change the retraction parameters at any time - even "on the fly" through the web interface. So yes, you can also put M207 commands into the slicer start (or filament specific) gcode.

  • It looks like I know what to do in the next couple of days, thanks for your input.