New edge firmware 1.17dev8 (replaces 1.17dev7)

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    I have just released firmware 1.17dev7 on GitHub. From the WHATS_NEW file:

    • Implemented G29 S1 (load bed height map from file)
    • Long moves are now segmented when grid compensation is in use so as to follow the contours of the bed
    • Default max temperature excursion increased to 15C
    • M571 now accepts a P parameter to select the output pin (edit: M571 isn't working correctly in this release)
    • Removed Duet WiFi prototype 1 build configuration and added RADDS build configuration
    • M104 and M109 default to tool 0 if no tool selected and no T parameter provided
    • M109 now selects the tool after setting the active temperature if it was not already selected
    • M558 now uses the R parameter to set the Z probe recovery time
    • Fixed an issue in earlier 1.17dev builds when macros were run concurrently with printing

    This release completes all the planned new features for the 1.17 release, but I may implement some minor bug fixes before the official release.

  • Removed Duet WiFi prototype 1 build
    Please excuse my ignorance: does this impact the duetwifi beta boards?

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    No, prototype 1 was for internal testing and only 2 boards were ever made.

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    I just found a bug in 1.17dev7: after you have printed a file from SD card, you need to reset the printer before you can do any further movement. Will be fixed soon.

  • Maybe I don't know how to use this new feature, but I homed my printer, did an autocalibrate and put the settings in the config file, did a G29 and then reset the controller. I put the G29 S1 into my startup script, but when I went to print, everything was WAY skewed, like not even resembling the part.. So, at this point, I rehomed, autocalibrated, ran a G29, and the print the file without the G29 in the beginning of it, same result. What am I doing wrong? Grid is defined with M557 R70 S20.


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    Can you post the heightmap.csv file generated by a G29 that giving you bad results?

  • RepRapFirmware height map file v1 generated at 2016-11-08 16:06

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    I can't see anything wrong with your height map, although you have a couple of fairly large errors at y=-60 and X= +/- 20mm. What sort of skew are you getting?

  • I haven't let it print more than a couple of perimeters, it's pretty wild and I can't even make out what the part is.

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    Is it just the Z height that is behaving wildly, or X and Y as well?

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    OK, I think I found a problem that could explain what you are seeing. I suggest you roll back to dev6 until I have dev8 ready.

  • Ok, done! Glad I'm not completely crazy. The x and y are really skewed, z axis does some crazy things as well, especially when pausing the print.

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    I have just released 1.17dev8, which fixes the issues I introduced in 1.17. I don't anticipate making any more major changes before 1.17 release, just fixes for any new bugs.

  • Cant seem to get it working

    Updated. restarted several times

    "No valid grid defined for G29 bed probing" is error
    this is in my config.g

    M557 X20:260 Y0:240 S10 ; define a grid covering the XY area indicated with the specified grid spacing

    Sending G29 to activate

  • hmm when i increased Spacing from S10 to S20 it started working.

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    With your original M557 command, you should get an error message saying that there are too many probe points - except if the M557 command is in config.g then you won't see the message.

  • Ok.. What is the max limit of points?

  • DC42, on my delta I don't use any XY offset for your IR probe when running G30 autocalibration and it works fine. When I run G29 grid levelling after, should I have entered an XY offset via G31 first or not? My probe is offset about -40mm in the Y direction.

  • Grid leveling is working incredibly well. Never had such a good first layer over my entire bed.

    Thank you DC42

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    I'm glad it's working well for you!

    The maximum number of points is currently 121 on the wired Duet and 441 on the Duet WiFi. However, the underlying grid is rectangular so when using a circular probing area the actual max number of points is about pi/4 times these values.

    You should configure the probe offset. During auto calibration the probe offset is ignored.

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