Checksum erros

  • Can anyone tell me what is causing the checksum error.

    I have received several pointing to a different line:
    line 187
    line 197
    line 1228
    line 1459

    I am using the PanelDue I have not connected to the DuetWiFi using S3D yet but I do not think it will change.

  • What are you doing to generate those errors?

  • I was homing X, Y, and Z

  • Strangew never had that David should be along before to long to answer only time I have had it ever is once when doing a grid compensation run


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    Checksum errors occur when the MCU on the Duet is too busy to service the serial port interrupt in time, or the serial buffer fills up because too many commands are queued, or there is interference on the serial port wires (perhaps because the PanelDue cable is routed right next to a stepper motor cable). They should occur less frequently using recent (e.g. 1.16) versions of firmware compared to older versions.

    When a checksum error occurs the command concerned will be ignored. This is usually of no concern because most commands sent by PanelDue are status requests, and PanelDue will send another one before long.

    If you get a lot of checksum errors, reducing the baud rate (keeping the same value at both ends) will reduce them.

  • I have 1.15c release in my PanelDue. Is there a later release? I will move my cable and see if this helps.

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    Version 1.15c of PanelDue firmware is current.

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