JSON error when trying to reconnect to duet console

  • I just finished upgrading my Rostock Max V3 to a V3.2 and I am getting connection issues to the web console after leaving it for 10 minutes or so. I cannot reconnect with any browser on my laptop or iphone. Error message below.

    Communication Error
    A communication error was reported, so the current session has been terminated. Please check your board and try to connect again

    Error Reason: SyntaxError: JSON Parse error: unterimated string

    Firmware is version 1.21

    not sure what to do... I'd like to be able to monitor my print from start to finish....

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    Do you get the same issue with firmware 2.0 and Duet Web Control 1.21.1 ?

  • I am guessing I am running the latest firmware since I just installed the board last week. I got connected through matter control and the firmware is 1.21.1 and firmware 1.02

    I used the following link and followed the instructions to update the firmware. I guess it didn't make the board firmware 2.0?


    I just went through the update process and it gets an IP in the console in matter control but I cannot connect to it through the web server. I can get a ping response from its IP... so what gives?


    for some reason typing in http:// before the IP address it connects. I have been able to just enter in the IP and it would work... I don't understand

    I have nothing but connection issues. i have spent the last 15 minutes trying to connect to it over wifi. not very thrilled about these issues out of the box 😞

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    We only released firmware 2.0 yesterday so I guess it will be a little while before SeeMeCNC adopts it.

    May I suggest the following:

    1. Read through https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/WiFi_disconnections_and_AJAX_timeout_errors.

    2. Ask on the SeeMeCNC forum, because many users there will know the Rostock Max, whereas I have never seen one.

  • @dc42

    ha, that is some super fresh firmware

  • well after redoing the firmware and making sure everything is correct I am still running into connection difficulty

    i guess ill have to not rely on the wifi feature until SeeMeCNC updates to the latest firmware and ill have to get the touch screen ad on... at least the board runs quiet and efficiently....

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    One option for you would be to upgrade your Duet to latest standard firmware, keeping your existing config.g and homing files etc. However, I know that SeeMeCNC used to ship modified firmware with the Artemis, because they added an option for multi-touch bed probing before we did. I don't know whether the firmware they ship for the Max R3.2 is customised or not, or whether they have customised Duet Web Control. Perhaps you could ask them, to better understand the implications of switching to latest standard firmware?

  • I will have to go to them at this point. It is still acting up

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