Mesh grid compensation just stops without message.

  • I have just upgraded to RRF 2.0 on a wifi board. My setup is using a bltouch that seems to continue to work just fine.

    M307 H3 A-1 C-1 D-1
    M558 P9 H5 F100 T2000 A5 R1 B1
    G31 X-3 Y40 Z1.903 P25
    M557 X20:180 Y50:280 S20:30

    I updated my configuration to use a few more points. At this point, it tends to stop somewhere in the middle of probing. But it doesn't display a message in web control or the console.

    After it stops, I can do movements and other things including rerunning it. I am not sure what else to do.

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    Are you sending the G29 command from Duet Web Control, from PanelDue, or from another input source? Whichever input source you send it from should get the error message.

  • I am using DWC through the menu. I could try running G29 in the console.

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    If the G29 command is being set by DWC either manually or by using the button, then any error message should be reported to the GCode console page.

  • So the question becomes: Why is it stopping in the middle of the bed, and how do I figure it out?

    It doesn't bring up the screen with the height map at the end, although I haven't checked to see if anything is written to that.

    I believe I have specified a grid of 9x7 which is 63 points which I believe is much less than the maximum.

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    Yes, the maximum is 441 points on the Duet WiFi/Ethernet.

    Do you see anything unusual about the last probe point? For example, it is probing without triggering; or is it moving to the last probe point but not starting to probe?

  • @dc42 I just entered G29 S0 and it indeed probed all the spots. But it didn't bring up the height map at the end - this expected?

    It did produce the file:

    RepRapFirmware height map file v2, mean error 0.000, deviation 0.074
    0.021, 0.033, 0.028, 0.031, 0.013, 0.031, -0.012, -0.027, -0.074
    0.037, 0.046, 0.037, 0.033, -0.008, 0.012, 0.051, -0.002, -0.090
    0.041, 0.074, 0.056, 0.059, -0.000, 0.035, 0.046, -0.023, -0.120
    0.056, 0.091, 0.053, 0.018, -0.009, 0.047, 0.031, -0.028, -0.127
    0.068, 0.103, 0.098, 0.083, 0.056, 0.031, 0.018, -0.027, -0.149
    0.073, 0.089, 0.044, 0.013, -0.002, 0.010, -0.010, -0.057, -0.184
    0.036, 0.058, 0.049, 0.046, 0.002, -0.020, -0.056, -0.103, -0.224
    0.037, 0.069, 0.037, -0.032, -0.029, -0.058, -0.084, -0.154, -0.258

    But oddly enough the last modified field is "unknown". There are also no messages output on the console when it finishes. Is it supposed to output a message?

    There is nothing particularly odd that I can notice. It just starts, and seemed to stop in a random location - it wasn't the same location. I do believe it completed this time, it seems to get to Y = 260 which would not go further because + 30 is beyond the max of 280.

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    Yes that height map looks complete.

    I've just run G29 on one of my printers running firmware 2.0, using the "Run Mesh Grid Compensation" option in DWC. DWC displayed the height map on completion. The GCode Console page of DWC shows this message:

    08:09:16 G29
    21 points probed, mean error -0.027, deviation 0.047
    Height map saved to file heightmap.csv

    If I send G29 from the GCode Console instead of using the button provided by DWC, exactly the same happens.

    When I went to System Editor, I had to click the Refresh button before the date/time on the heightmap.csv file was displayed correctly.

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