Separate power supplies for Duet 2 and DueX5?

  • I have two 600W 24V power supplies on hand, and am assembling a build that will use external 5v power. Does anyone see an issue using separate supplies on the Duet2 and the DueX5? If not, I'll likely use SSRs on the heaters and use the second supply for that.


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    It would be better to power them both from a single supply, because the DueX5 doesn't have a separate VIN power monitor.

    You can drive heaters from a separate supply without needing to use SSRs. Just common the PSU grounds and connect heater+ to the + output of the separate supply instead of to the + heater output on the Duet.

    Extruder heaters don't take much power, so you should only need to connect the bed heater(s) to the separate supply.

  • Thanks for the quick response! That sounds like it will work.

    In my case, I'll have 400W total with two dual-zone extuders, with the bed being handled offline, but if I understand you correctly, all of the heaters are metered at their connection to negative. I had initially expected to use SSRs, but I was thrilled to learn that the extruders heaters can take 5A.

    It's like you've anticipated everything!

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