Duet3d Maestro + Expansion Boards

  • Hi All,
    I ordered a Maestro board on the fit for launch page and opted in to be a Beta tester. At check out I also ordered the stepper expansion boards. Not sure if this is the correct place for support, please let me know if it is not.

    I have upgraded the firmware to 2.0 release. The Maestro board itsself functions amazingly.

    However I am currently experiencing problems when trying to use steppers on the expansion boards. On the first expansion (Driver 5) it seems microstepping is not applied, changing microstepping has no effect. The second expansion (Driver 6) does not move at all however does enable the stepper when you send a move command.

    I have noticed that only the onboard drivers appear in the firmware diagnostics (M112). Before I go too far into trying to diagnose this, I have noticed on the fitforlaunch page the motor expansion was listed as in testing. Are the expansions currently supported or am I doing something wrong?

    Attached in my config.g 0_1528701602272_config.g

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    The stepper expansion board was designed by M3D, and they haven't provided me with one. So I don't have the means to test the firmware with it. The firmware build for the Duet Maestro that I produce assumes that any additional stepper drivers are dumb ones. Did they use TMC2224 chips on the expansion board? If so then perhaps M3D has their own firmware build that does support it - try asking them.

    If the second driver on the expansion board doesn't work at all then perhaps I have the step pin assignment for it wrong in the firmware. I will check it. I will also ask M3D for one of their expansion boards.

    EDIT: I just checked the pin allocations for the 7th driver, and I had the step and direction pins swapped. I will fix this in the next firmware version. I can do you a temporary build if it helps.

  • Thanks for the quick reply dc42! Yes the expansion board has TMC2224's on them.

    Awesome, no problems! I will follow up with M3D and see if they have any firmware builds they are happy to provide for testing.

    Thanks again 🙂

    edit: I am in no rush currently for the extra drivers as it is only controlling my second extruder currentl and can make do without for now.

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