Does pressure advance (M572) work both ways?

  • Hi,

    I'm still quite far behind with the firmware releases, so I still haven't got back to experimenting with pressure advance, though it is soon on my list of things to do.

    I know that the pressure advance will retract the position of the E axis when going from a fast extrusion move to a slower one (or none at all).

    Will the algorithm also advance the E position when going from a very slow extrusion to a very fast extrusion?

    I've noticed (without any M572 value) that when the toolpath goes from very slow outer perimter to fast infill, it takes a half second or so to get full extrusion happening. Will Pressure advance help that?


  • administrators

    Yes to both questions.

  • Well, pressure advance is even better than I originally thought! I need to update my firmware ASAP. Thanks.

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