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    I'm running 2.0(2018-06-05b3) and WEb Interface 1.21.1 and latest version of PanelDue(don't know how to get the version info). Yesterday I printed for 4Hrs without problems and I used a macro on the I know they were there ..but now I don't see any macros on the panelDue. I see them on the web interface

  • forget it the macros don't show up when I use only USB power but appear when I switch on 24V

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    The PanelDue firmware version is shown on the Setup page. Current version is 1.21.

  • I have a similar problem. I'm running 1.20(15b1). When connected on the four lead wire they can take an age to appear amd often only do so after I send another command through the Panel Due 7i's console page. It made me originally think the SD card image onlh displayed build files on the panel due's card!

  • I just got my 7i today and was also scratching my head when the macros didn't show up. Sure enough, turn on ATX power and they show up along with the machine name. Turn off ATX power and they're still there.

    It's kind of a Catch-22 for me because one of my macros is "Power ON" which turns ATX power and the running lights on but since it doesn't show up, I have to use DWC to turn on the power.

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    I think this was fixed in PanelDueFirmware 1.21. What firmware version is your 7i running?

  • @dc42 1.21.3
    I'm trying to see where in the source the populating of the macros is triggered bu tno luck so far.
    The last commit does say "fix for macros at control page".

  • @dc42
    David, The issue is that OkToSend doesn't consider to be a valid state to allow send.

    Patch attached...

    Oops, can't upload .patch files 🙂

    A by-product of allowing "off" is that files are also retrieved and the machine name is set.

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    Thanks for your patch, I will include this in the next release of PanelDueFirmware.

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