No macros on PanelDue

  • Hi
    I'm running 2.0(2018-06-05b3) and WEb Interface 1.21.1 and latest version of PanelDue(don't know how to get the version info). Yesterday I printed for 4Hrs without problems and I used a macro on the I know they were there ..but now I don't see any macros on the panelDue. I see them on the web interface

  • forget it the macros don't show up when I use only USB power but appear when I switch on 24V

  • administrators

    The PanelDue firmware version is shown on the Setup page. Current version is 1.21.

  • I have a similar problem. I'm running 1.20(15b1). When connected on the four lead wire they can take an age to appear amd often only do so after I send another command through the Panel Due 7i's console page. It made me originally think the SD card image onlh displayed build files on the panel due's card!


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