Laser on E1 dont work

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    Hi everyone

    i put a laser head on my machine and plug the cable from the laser board to E1 heater.

    but now i am stuck on the config.

    i see on the above topic this config

    M106 P2 I-1
    M42 P22 S255 ; FAN-2
    M452 P22 R255 F200 ;

    but P22 sounds like wrong? must be it P2?

    but i dont get it with both configs right.

    can someone help me with it.
    the links of the board and config is at the end..

    the wiring is a cable from E1 to the 12v input on the board, and the laser module plug it in the laser connector..

    ttl is for? i dont connect it..

    link text

    link text


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    @mickey30m said in Laser on E1 dont work:

    M106 P2 I-1
    M42 P22 S255 ; FAN-2
    M452 P22 R255 F200 ;

    Those commands would be correct if you wanted to connect the laser to the Fan 2 output. To use the E1 heater output, you need these:

    M307 H2 A-1 C-1 D-1 ; disable heater 2 to make it available as a general purpose output pin
    M452 P2 R255 F200

  • Just to make sure you wired it correctly:

    The laser module you linked has a TTL input.

    You should supply constant 12V to the "DC12V" connector on your board.
    The laser diode connects to the laser connector on the board.
    The fan that is screwed to the laser module connects to the "Fan 12V" connector on the board.

    The TTL typically is a 0-5V PWM signal and controls the intensity of your laser diode. I don't know what will happen if you pass it a 12V high-level...

    Switching the laser intensity on the main 12V input of your control board sounds wrong - and might not even work depending on the capacitance of the board circuit. The correct way to control the laser intensity is via the TTL connector.

    I wired my laser TTL signal with a 74HCT02 from one of the PWM-capable pins of the Duet (see wiki).

  • @resam hi thanks for you're answer.

    but i have only two wires from the laser module. plus and min.

    i saw on youtube the same config... but i measure the voltage on the laser plug but i dont get there 12v. only 1 volt...

    so i think the board it not good...

  • @mickey30m i think you're correct, because when i power the board, and plug in the connector of laser to 12v fan everything works.. so i think the laser port on the control board needs a signal for power on. say i this good?

    how do i make this now. when i order the 74HCT02 how i wire that. or control that? can you make a picture or something?

  • can i get the ttl signal from the duet board? how do i wire that?

  • @dc42

    i lost now with all the different info on the internet....

    the board works, i wiring now the power from external power source.
    than the laser connector is to the laser connector on the bvoard.

    and than i have the ttl connector wired to the E1 port. is this good?
    than in config i have this
    ; only for the laser
    M307 H2 A-1 C-1 D-1 ; disable heater 2

    ; Fans
    M106 P0 S0.3 I0 F500 H-1 ; Set fan 0 value, PWM signal inversion and frequency. Thermostatic control is turned off

    ; laser
    ;M307 H2 A-1 C-1 D-1 ; disable heater 2 to make it available as a general purpose output pin
    M452 P2 R255 F200

    do i need to do more, make a tool or something in dwc?

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    The TTL input should be wired to just the E1- pin of the E1 heater output. Caution: on older Duets the E1- pin is labelled incorrectly. It's the pin that is nearest to the motor connectors, not the one nearest to the corner of the PCB. If you get the wrong one, you will feed VIN into the laser TTL input, which may damage it.

    You may need to connect a pullup resistor between E1-/LaserTTL and +5V. A value in the range 1K to 10K would do.

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    If the TTL input has 2 wires, one of them will be ground. Connect that one to Duet ground.

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  • Thanks @dc42


    i get it to work, but as seen in the video he dont put the laser on and off.

    but i dont know if this because the board, or something in a code.

    a little more help please 😉

    when i send M3 S100 i get about 8v and when i send M3 S255 i get 12v. on the ttl port.
    but the volt on the laser port dont change.

    ( do i need the control board? because i get on the ttl cable (E2) 0 to 12v )
    when i connect it direct on the duet, can this go bad?

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    Please post a photo showing how you have connected the laser control module to the Duet and the power supply.

  • I put now the laser direct on the E1 port and everything works perfect.

    Can i damage the board with IT. ?

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    If you mean that you have connected the latser module power input directly to the E1 heater output, I don't recommend that. The laser module may not like having PWM applied to its power input.

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