QuadRap (BlackPantherQR remake) Cartesian Printer

  • Just another cartesian printer running on DuetWifi. Thanks for making DuetWifi such a great hardware software combo.

    • the printer uses dyneema ropes for driving the sliders
    • it uses a parallel XXYY motor configuration
    • theoretically you should not do this, practically runs flawlessly
    • cheap&quiet&reasonable fast
    • uses DyzEnd-X with 500C thermistor
    • Igus AWMQ-10 cross beams
    • Saintflint extruder
    • no endstops and no z-probe
    • 400mm GSlot profiles (yields roughly 260x250x250 movable distances, bed is smaller however)
    M307 H1 A500.0 C200.0 D5.0 B0 S0.8 ; ok but not perfect (needs some time but then very stable)
    M305 P1 T4700000 B5253 R4700 H0 L0 ;


  • Very cool machine! and quiet!

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