Simplify 3D Speed settings Rostock Max V2

  • So after a looooot of hardwork and time I've finally gotten everything up and working on my Duet Wifi setup with the Rostock V2, and the most of the settings are fairly well calibrated. I don't have a lot of experience with Simplify 3D, my first slicer was Cura, so what are good speed settings for a Rostock V2 with an E3D V6 hot end?

    Presently my settings are:
    Default Printing Speed 2400.0 mm/min
    Outline Underspeed 50%
    Solid Infill Underspeed 80%
    Solid Inflill Underspeed 80%
    Support Structure Underspeed 80%
    X/Y Axis Movement Speed 9000.0 mm/min
    Z Axis Movement Speed 1200.0 mm/min

    This seems painfully slow, but I'm really not sure of a good safe range for speed especially with the upgrades. Any suggestions? I will say the machine is presently whisper quiet. The loudest part now seems to be the power supply fan.

  • I think a lot of this depends on your specific build, I have the same printer as you and I print at 50mm/sec with 12000mm/m xy with a slower z movement, and I get good results. If I printed out several calibration tests and experimented I'm sure I could get better results… don't fall into the fallacy that slower == better quality.

  • For info, my "general purpose" speed settings are more than double what you are using (mostly 80 to 90 mm/s or 4800 to 5400 mm/min) and that is with a stonking great heavy diamond hot end on a CoreXY so you should be able to print much faster than that on a Delta. Ultimately, the limiting factor on speed is how fast you can melt filament. Of course, you also need to consider your acceleration settings. If they are too low, you will never attain the desired speed. I actually set high print speeds which work for long linear moves (my bed is 330mm x 320mm) but low acceleration settings which limits the speed attained for shorter back and forth or zigzag moves. My XY non print speed is higher than yours too at 350mm/s (21000 mm/min) and if I can do that with my heavy axes, then you should be able to run faster too (depending on your motors etc). HTH

  • Thanks both I was looking for general settings. I'm not as familiar with Simplify 3D and just needed a 'safe' range to test with.

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