Z Gap adjusts after purge for no known reason

  • I am having yet another issue....(ehhhhhh)

    After Bed compensation and I purge my nozzle for a bit... my bed moves down about 1mm or so and causes a large gap between the bed and nozzle. The problem is my Z Gap is set and looks good, so I know that this is not my Z0 this has to be some other process running after the purge of the nozzle occurs. The only thing is I am not sure where that Gcode resides.

    here is a video of my issue:


    and here is a picture of my Z gap at Z0:


    Paper is tight but not to tight against the paper.

    If I were to do this during the print the paper would not even make contact with the nozzle.

    any help would be appreciated


  • administrators

    Please post your bed.g file, and the GCode commands that do the purging if they are in a different file.

    Does the problem still occur if you don't do the purge?

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