Heater faults on second layer

  • Bloody frustrating print starts and runs fine gets to second ish layer and faults

    Error: Heating fault on heater 1, temperature excursion exceeded 15.0°C
    Resume-after-power-fail state saved

    then have to emergency stop the printer to get it to reset.

    Watching the temps it prints at 225 then suddenly drops to 180 and fails. im thinking my cartridge thermistor is probably buggered?

  • administrators

    It probably means that your print cooling fan is blowing too much air over the heater block, causing the heater block to cool down rapidly when the fan is turned on at the start of the second layer. Orient the fan to blow air at the print below the nozzle, not at the heater block. Putting a silicone sock over the heater blocks helps too, but requires a heater retune.

  • @dc42 it’s not that, I have the sock and I’m not printing using a cooling fan

  • Moderator

    Loose wire that gets jostled when the print speed picks up on the second layer? Do you have strain relief on the wires?

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