Short to Ground Error -- Right out of the box

  • Well, I finally decided to get around to converting my Tevo Little Monster
    Turns out my Duet board is bad.

    I've got the "Short to ground on driver 1 temp shutdown." error

    I've had this thing for almost a year, and never realized it was junk.
    Now I've a smart effector that is of no use to me now.

    I bought the board in Canada and don't really have faith in the seller replacing it
    I don't even know where the original packaging is.

  • Yup. Y driver is bricked. not responding.

    Hate on MKS all you want, I've got 2 and they've never given me problems....
    Not too impressed with the QC so far with this

    So.. is there any way I can remap to a different driver (Second extruder driver?)
    I'd like to get some use out of this board so I don't lose my investment.

  • Okay, so figured out how to remap Y Axis to E1, configured endstops.

    Motion tests are good, everything responding as it should.

    The big question is "Will it Print?"
    I've shut off error pop-ups so I don't get bombarded with "Short to ground" for Driver 1
    However the error's are still being polled by the Duet and show up in the log.

    Will this error prevent me from printing?!?
    I won't be able to test until my new hotend comes in at the end of the week.

    It would be great if there was a way to have Duet ignore those driver 1 errors all together.

  • administrators

    I'm sorry to hear that your Duet has a bad driver. Does it produce error messages as soon as you start the Duet, or not until the first time you try to move that motor?

    If it produces messages as soon as you start the Duet, then the cause is likely to be a bad solder joint on the driver chip, and it can probably be repaired easily. Meanwhile, you can use the command M569 P1 R-1 to disable monitoring that driver. If the firmware on your Duet is a year old, you will probably need to upgrade the firmware for that command to work.

  • Thanks for the response.
    I've put the M569 command in my slicer start code and it works fine.

    I've got the printer up and running and all seems to be working.
    I even did a test of a failed power supply: I used the reserect.g as a macro and had the printer resume from where the power cut off pretty much dead on.

    I gotta say, overall surface finish and lack of noise are are big improvement.
    (The loudest parts are the PS and HotEnd fans.)

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