Help needed. 4 X carriages.

  • Hi there,

    I've build a printer with four independent X carriages, all of them sharing the same Y axis. It's kind of a double IDEX sistem. I've defined the U, V and W with all the offsets.

    All of the X carriages move as requested when i tell them to do, but when it comes to printing, the V only moves in the X direction and the W only moves in the Y direction. I repeat, this only happens when i tell them to print something, not when i make them move through the web interface.

    Any clue on what could be wrong?

    Attached you'll find the config.g file.

  • administrators

    Your config.g file looks OK to me, except that I advise against using x256 microstepping, because the Duet will be unable to generate step pulses fast enough during fast travel moves. I suggest you use either x16 with interpolation, or x64.

    Which firmware version are you using?

  • I'm using 1.19.2. Should I install the latest version?

  • administrators

    Yes, I suggest you do that.

  • I did reinstall. Carriage W does still move only along Y when printig. It somehow seems as if they were wrongly mapped, although when moving them through the web machino control panel, they do exactly what they are told and in the right direction. W is equivalent to U but with an Y offset, but when it comes to printing, W does not move...

    Any further ideas?

    Thank you very much, however.

  • administrators

    We really need to determine what is different between the movement commands in the SD card file that don't work and the web commands that do. Is it extruding vs. non-extruding moves? Absolute vs. relative moves? G0 vs. G1 moves? Printer homed vs. printer not homed? Tool change files run when you selected the tool vs. not run?

    I suggest you heat up the extruder to a suitable temperature and then try running manually some of the commands you find in the GCode file, to see what does and doesn't work.

    The most common reason for axes not moving when they are supposed to and not producing an error message is that the M208 limits are not configured and/or the endstop switch was declared to be at the wrong end of the axis in M574; but I don't see anything wrong with your config,g file, assuming that V homes towards X=min and W homes towards X=max.

  • I found the mistake!

    After doing some tests with all the possible options, i found out that only when the command was Xnnn with Tool 3 selected did the axis not move. When it was Wnnn it did move, either it it was absolut or relative, G0 or G1, heated or not heated.

    That meant the X axis of tool 3 was not correctly mapped. And voila: "M563 P3 D3 H1 X6 F3", where the 6 had to be a 5.

    Thank you very much for your tips and your help!

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