Help needed with Reprap config please

  • Hi,

    ok after a few days diligent wiring, I've finally got the duet wifi and smart effector all setup on my anycubic linear plus. Now I'm trying to configure it.

    I've connected through to duet wifi, and all seems good but theres a lot of problems already. I think this is because it's using a test config (similar to the issue the person who recently posted a thread had with their heaters).

    So I'm going to the reprap config ( to build the files and I'm unsure of some of the values, mainly printer geometry and I don't want to get it wrong.

    I have haydn's 288mm rods, but I think the values should be from the middle of the ball to the middle of the other ball at the end of the rod. Correct? Al0_1529339012664_printer geometry.png so which field does this g0_1529339040008_axes and extruders.png o in? Any idea on the delta radius too. I thought this was just the bed diameter but it starts talking about the rods .The info for the field says "Horizontal distance subtended by each rod, measured between joint centres, when the effector is in the centre"
    Basically I would really appreciate any help with these setup values. thanks so much

  • A couple of things:

    First, do keep in mind that that configure gets you STARTED.... but none of the config tool output is "carved in stone". You'll adjust things as you commission the printer.

    Second, see if this helps:


    "Delta radius" in the config tool is "ARM_RADIUS" in the diagram.

    "Printable radius" is the size of your bed, or even a few mm inside the edge, if you wish.

    "Minimum Z" is almost always zero.

    "Diagonal Rod Length" in the config tool is "ARM_LENGTH" in the diagram. IMPORTANT: This is "pivot point to pivot point" or "joint center to joint center" or "hole center to hole center" or however your mind works to grasp that it is the movement points that matter. If you are using self-made "magnetic ball end" rods, this is ball-center to ball-center. If you are using Haydn Huntley (and/or Blue Eagle Labs, he makes those as well), the label on the rods is the number you key in... he takes this all into account.

    "Homed Height" is the max value the Z will ever have. For an AKL Plus, this will be about 300. You can fine tune it as you commission the printer.

    "Maximum Carriage Travel" is used to setup a couple of internal things related to homing. For an AKL Plus, 350 is an OK start. Again, you'll fine tune this during commissioning.

    All the other details look good.

  • Details for Duet/RepRap and Deltas are here:

    You can either skip this (the suggestions I made above are "good enough"), or dig in deep... Or dig in later... because it can all be a little overwhelming to absorb everything at once.

  • @danal Thanks so much for this, going to get cracking once the kids are in bed.

    I actually just retrieved the rod length stickers out of the bin after you mentioned it included the ball measurements too. Thanks for that!

    I'm lucky I have a second printer as I've used it to print off the print cooling fan shroud and also a 40mm hot end fan replacement after I put my thumb through the e3d provided stock fan and fortunately had a 40mm fan spare. Whoops!

    Thanks again, I'm sure I'll be back 😉

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