Homing with z probe on z axis

  • When I am homing my z axis the axis's i assume are moving to the first probe point but what they do is run into the end-stops and just grind against it. How would i fix this? i can post any files you need just ask. Here is my config and z home file though



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    Are you saying that the head runs into the X and Y axis limits when it executes the command G1 X15 Y15 F6000 in homez.g? If so, check whether that command works when you send it from the console after homing X and Y. It looks like you are homing to axis maximum X and Y endstop switches, so the problem may be that you have set the X and Y steps/mm too high in the M92 command, or you have set the X and Y axis maximums too high in the M208 command.

  • Thanks, yes that was the problem.
    But i have a question my z prove needs 6 to 30 volts but the z probe input only gives 3.3 volts where should i hook up the power one if i need at least 6. i assume Vin power but which one would be best?

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    See https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Connecting_a_Z_probe#main for advice on connecting various types of Z probe. If the V_FAN jumper is set to the VIN position then the easiest place to get VIN is from one of the always-on fan connectors.

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