WiFi module auto reconnect

  • I read lots of problems with WiFi network dropouts and being unable to reconnect.

    I can recreate this at will..

    Power on wireless router
    Power on Duet Wifi
    Wait for duet to connect to WiFi
    Restart router
    Duet now shows network error and idle network in Paneldue console
    Wireless router WiFi signal becomes avaialable
    Duet WiFi will not auto reconnect and requires M552 S-1 followed by M552 S1 in order to reconnect.

    Why can it not simply try again every X seconds like most wireless devices do?

  • administrators

    Currently it does two auto reconnect attempts, but it gives up after that. I'll review this in the 2.02 release.

  • Thanks David, that would be great.

    Perhaps a logarithmic increase in pause duration between retries.
    This has become somewhat standard in web development nowadays and might prove a good compromise for the duet WiFi server..

  • @dc42 can you also plan the "stop" button getting a priority if initiated from the paneldue for 2.02? I know you have described how this works, but the closest thing on the printer a lot of time when something goes wrong is the stop button on the screen and when it fails to stop anything it almost defeats the purpose. on some printers I have the power button is accessible but on the duplicator 6 its in the back so I end up scrambling trying to get it to stop.

  • @bpislife I've noticed this too and yes it would be a good improvement IMO.

    I think you might be better creating your own post though as its going off-topic somewhat..


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