Add support to upload gcode from mobile device

  • There is no support to upload files from mobile device. Tried everything.

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    Just to clarify the use case, can you tell us how you getting GCode files on to your mobile device? Perhaps you are using a cloud slicer?

  • I am the same, even when using desktop version, there is no way. I am on a boat with a pc with no internet, i slice with cura, usb it from pc to phone, and then take it to mini storage to print (boat cant power long prints).

    workaround: I have to place the duet mini sd card in my phone, copy gcode to cards "gcodes" folder, then place it back in the duet.

    uploading from an android would be useful to anyone who is using pc and duet away from each other. Or people who do models at work or school to later take gcodes to print at home.

  • Have you tried requesting a desktop page on the phone browser? Thats something I have to do to avoid installing the facebook messenger on my phone! 🙂

    Edit: I emailed a gcode to myself and then downloaded it to my phone. I also see no upload option on firefox on android 8.0 when viewed on normal or desktop version of the site.

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  • administrators

    Yep, it's on my TODO list. Thanks for describing a use-case scenario

  • Tried installing different browsers, settings to request full site with no success.
    This is exact scenario i have. My printer is printing same files away from pc but ocasionaly i revise files and then its a nightmare. Doing same, pulling out sd, placing into the phone ...
    I'd say its a must

  • Another scenario for you guys. You need to print something and you are away from slicer pc. What i do is ask my wife to switch on pc, i log in with teamviewer, do my slicing from a tablet and then do file transfer. Only there is no way to upload from a tablet to a printer.


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