Regularly losing connection to web interface

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    I'd like to leave the web interface open to monitor prints and so forth, however it keeps losing the connection and I have to click the 'connect' button in the top-left to restore it. File transfers are reasonably fast so don't think there's an issue with the wifi but that's certainly not an adequate benchmark I'm just not sure where to look.

    "The last HTTP request has timed out. Please make sure the connection between your device and the board is not interrupted."

    Edit: Using chrome

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  • The signal strength is -81

    Nothing else on that page helps

    Phone gets a solid 4 bars from the same place as the duet

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    -81 signal strength is too low for a reliable connection.

    If you have mounted your Duet horizontally, then the antenna will be horizontal; whereas your phone's antenna and the ones on your router are probably vertical. Any metalwork and wires in the vicinity of the Duet are also likely to reduce the signal strength.

    HTH David

  • Thank you,

    I was able to get it to -73 by elevating it. I'm printing a mount now that will allow me to stand it vertical and attach an 80mm fan.


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