One of my motors just sometimes doesn't work

  • On my 3dprinter i have 4 z-axis motors and from where i'm looking its either the back left or back right doesn't move when it goes up.( this always not just during homing). Sometime they work perfectly going up and down but then some times they just don't and only one works or both don't.
    I don't know if posting config and stuff will help but here it is, but has anyone else ever experienced this?

    0_1529803545463_config (1).g

  • Already tried that there is no friction and it is able to move freely? With 4 driven axis there is the possibility to get them tilted if not aligned properly. The other thing is your M584 before you define the motors. Try to write it below.

    Greetings kuhni

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    If the problem is only when going up, that suggests that you have too little motor current set to overcome the load, or you have the Z acceleration set too high.

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