Bayonet Cable Terminal for the Duet3d Delta Smart Effector

  • I have designed a Bayonet Cable Terminal for the Duet3d Delta Smart Effector. It is made for igus CF9.02.18 Chainflex cable and has an anti backlash Bowden clip also. Its itentional idea was to change effector without using tools and prevent wires from moving. First runs looks promising fine. You may use it with other cables with about 9.5mm diameter or just thicken it up with a printed shell thing or use tape to thicken it up. Or just change the parametric design in Onshape to your needs.

    click pic for footage


    STL on Gitlab

    Onshape CAD files

  • Nice! is this just to route the cable or does it also include some sort of quick connect connector to disconnect the whole effector?

  • It is just to route the cable, having a handle for M16 nut and anti backlash clip.

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