Missing SD File?

  • I have an interesting problem that I didn't experience until 2.0 and 2.01beta1 (at least I didn't notice it until 2.0). I have a file on my SD card that I uploaded and printed, except it isn't showing up in my gcode file list. What's even more curious is that my PanelDue sees it.

    Any ideas?

  • from the v2 changelog:

    The number of GCode files in a single folder that can be displayed by DWC is lower than before. This was required to fix other issues. If you can't see all of your GCode files, or files that you have just uploaded, the workaround is to move some files into subfolders. If you can't see any subfolders in DWC, you may have to move the SD card to a PC to do this. Alternatively, use the backup facility in DWC to backup the files that you can see, then delete them; then you should be able to see the other files.

  • Ah, thank you!


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