Question re: Expansion Board Error

  • Quick question for those of you in the know. I bought an expansion board for my WiFi to add additional extruders and just hooked it up w/ the supplied ribbon cable. When I turn on the machine, I get an error stating the additional drives on the expansion board are "shorted" and in "over temperature." Is this normal? Will I get this error until I actually hook-up extruders or is there something wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Sorry I can't help with your main question, but I've come across an interesting comment by @dc42 that may at least help dealing with the constant 'error' messages DWG throws in this context until you get the main issue sorted out (I haven't had a chance to test this in practice though).

    In this thread, @dc42 says:

    Recent firmware versions allow you to send M569 Pnnn R-1 to disable monitoring of driver nnn.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the info, Snowcrash!

  • administrators

    Have you connected VIN power to the DueX board as well as the ribbon cable? Without VIN power, you will get that error.

  • I didn't, DC42. That must be it. Thanks much (and enjoy your holiday)!


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