Yet another manual bed leveling question (M671 / G32)

  • 1_1530069905530_config.g 0_1530069905530_beg.g I have read through the Using the manual bed levelling assistant several times but I am encountering an issue where when I execute a G32 command the printer does not probe any of the points and the web page displays:

    "Manual corrections required: 0.00 turn up (0.00mm) 0.00 turn up (-0.00mm) 0.00 turn up (-0.00mm) 0.00 turn up (-0.00mm)".

    If I enter a M671 I get the following:

    "Z leadscrew coordinates (-18.0,-11.0) (-18.0,315.0) (318.0,-11.0) (318.0,315.0), factor 1.00, maximum correction 1.00mm, manual adjusting screw pitch 0.50mm"

    I have verified that the M671 statement is the last line in my config.g and my bed.g appear to be correct as well.

    I'm not sure what the issue is at this point.

    I have attached my config.g and bed.g for reference.


  • @jhelmstetterjr AFAICT you are missing Z-99999 as part of your G30 commands in bed.g. Add these to every G30 command and try again, that should solve your problem.


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