Delta Travel limits

  • I was wondering since axis maxima and minima M208 are not valid if the machine is a delta, the safe printable radius being defined in M665 Bxxx - would it be possible to allow M208 for deltas? So that M208 overrides the value of B in M665, if the command is present?

    The reason I ask is that my effector (due to the water cooling tubing sticking out at the side) is not "circular" in shape, and therefore I foul the belts on Y max at 120mm but can happily print to the front of the bed Y min at 140mm?

    I don't suppose it would be used by many, but I did wonder why, just because the bed of a delta is circular, why we cannot define software-endstops/travel limits to be a different shape?

  • administrators

    Simon, i have moved this to firmware wishlist.

    The issue with using M208 is that the position of the carriages will change depending on the layer you are printing. If you want to limit the physical bed area independent of the axis (M208 refers to an axis not to a co-ordinate system) then having keep out areas is something that would be useful for people.

  • Thanks Tony, so keep out areas are for the time being a wishlist item? Sounds good.


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