Bed leveling with a micro switch

  • Hi everyone

    I have a Duet3d running an Anycubic Kossel printer. Ever since I installed the Duet3d motherboard I've not been able to get bed leveling working correctly.

    I have an IR probe but I can't seem to mount it close enough to the hot end to be accurate. I have had to resort to manual bed leveling. This works but after each print I have to level again (even though the printer and bed does not move).

    I also have a micro switch and I am hoping that I can use this to make a more accurate bed leveler.
    The micro switch is plugged into E0 on the motherboard. The switch isn't being recognised and when I run the auto level it just smashes into the print bed.

    Does anyone have any experience with putting a micro switch on the Duet3d or could you point me to some instructions on the net.

    Also, if anyone has any idea why the manual bed leveling does not remain accurate after a print that may help me too.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


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