Z axis and homing help

  • Hey guys, I recently finished a D-bot build and I'm having trouble figuring out the z axis. I've got 3 stepper motors: ZA, ZB, and the third on E1, but I'm having trouble getting everything to work properly.

    On the web based configurator, the second section is "Motors". There's two areas -- Axes and Extruders. Do I just add the second extruder and set the motor driver to 2(Z)? Or do I do it another way?

    I'm going to go through this guide again tonight:


    But if anyone has any other suggestions I'd love to hear them. While I've gotten the X and Y to move as it should, I'm still having issues with homing everything, so any tips would be great, ESPECIALLY for the Z axis.

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    Select 2(Z) in the configurator, but in the config.g file that it generates change the M584 line to read:

    M584 X0 Y1 Z2:4 E3

    That tells the firmware to use drivers 2 (aka Z) and 4 (aka E1) for the Z axis.


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