2 independent sets of axes

  • I had this weird idea of running a machine with 5 axis from one Duet. Some of this is covered in the https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/ConfiguringMultipleIndependentXcarriagesCartesian page, but my idea seems to be a bit more complicated. Essentially I want to run a SCARA machine on XYZ drives and a CoreXY without a Z from E1 and E2 drives.

    Would such lunacy even be possible or should I just drop the idea and run those 2 essentially independent systems from 2 separate controllers?

  • administrators

    If you want to run this system from a single GCode stream then it's certainly possible. If the extra 2 axes were Cartesian then the standard firmware would support it, but as they are CoreXY it would be necessary to write a new kinematics class.

  • I could also have the kinematics calculated outside and just feed the GCode as if it was a simple Cartesian axis. But then it'll be really hard to home the extra axes. I'll probably just stick to Cartesian if I decide on running everything from a single controller.


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