How to power 6 extra fans?

  • I’m building a full enclosure for my printer and want to add some fans to the electronics compartment to make sure they don’t run too hot. In order to run 3-6 50mm fans would I be able to do any of the following?

    1. Wire them into one always-on fan port on my Duet WiFi board?

    2. Plug them directly into my power supply somehow?

    3. Is there such thing as a small power supply that I could use to only power fans?


  • administrators

    Best option is to connect them directly to the power supply. If they draw no more than 2A total then you can connect them to an always on fan connector instead. If it is a version 1.03 Duet and you connect them to the always on fan connector, you may need to increase the rating of the fuse.

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